Bienvenida Moaña

Welcome to Moaña

The district of Moaña covers a considerable part of the Morrazo Peninsula - 34,2 km2 and 17.792 inhabitants - facing the Vigo "Ría" (Ría = fjord-shaped inlet of sea water between hills, cliffs and beaches). It borders on Marín (north), Vilaboa (east), Cangas (west) and the sea (south).

It is 26 km far from the capital city, Pontevedra, and 18 km from Vigo through the Rande Bridge.

A regular line of passenger boats assures a swift connection with Vigo across the Ría. In this area stands the highest point of the Morrazo Peninsula, the 634m-high Domaio Lighthouse.

As we approach the coast the steeps ease into some flat irrigated extensions until the sea shore finally shows its magnificent white-sanded beaches.

The main activities here are industry, fishing, hotel and restaurant business and related trades, commerce. Fishing is represented by a number of musselbeds, especially in the area of Domaio and Moaña.

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