Welcome to Marin

The name of the town comes from the patronymic name "marinus" or the Latin vocable "mare" referring to the fact it was built on a wedge-shaped headland that juts into the sea.

With a surface of 40,5 Km2, the district of Marin is set on the Morrazo Peninsula, on the meridional shore of the Pontevedra "Ría" (a ria is a fjord-shaped inlet of sea water that flows between hills, cliffs and beaches).

At 7 Km from Pontevedra and 27 Km from Vigo, there are about 25.000 inhabitants, more than 15.000 of which live in the urban area.

Its location between sea and mountains is exceptionally good. All around you can breathe that deep traditional seaman's land atmosphere and feel the warm spirit of the sailor in the local folk's attitude. The fishing activity makes of Marín the motor of the economy in the region.

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