Bienvenidos a la Villa de Cangas

Welcome to Cangas

Cangas seems to be a small paradise where sea and hills merge for the pleasure of senses. Its extensive coast, that shows at the "rías" (sea water inlets like fjords that flow between hills, beaches or cliffs) of Vigo and Aldán, is marked by countless beaches to the liking of everyone:

From the urban and much-frequented Rodeira, going through lovely lonely creeks, to practically virgin extensive sandy grounds such as Nerga, Barra, Melide... The choice is yours.

There, where the sea draws those magnificent shells of fine sand, nature lovers will find the most important and wealthiest bio-diversity dune ecosystems in the "Rías Baixas" (baixas = low, down south)

This Natural Area continues onto the impressive promontory of "Cabo Home" (cabo = cape) and the steep cliffs of the Soavela Coast, of overwhelming wild beauty.

But Cangas is also a town heavy with History that throbs at every step along its broad historical-artistical heritage.

The most beautiful "Cruceiro de Hío" (cruceiro = monument to the Cross, outdoors shrine set up at crossroads) fascinates the visitor who contemplates this piece of pure poetry carved in stone, framed by the romanic church and the rectorial manor house.

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