Welcome to Bueu

Welcome to this lovely sailors town on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, set in a beautiful scenery of surrounding green hills.

In Bueu you are sure to enjoy every experience it has to offer, in return for the dear memory you will always keep of it.

This small town has plenty in store for you: The deep scent of the ocean that permeates everything, monuments loaded with history, the peculiar beauty of its hills and beaches, and above all the direct contact with the townsfolk, well-known for making you feel at ease.

The richness of its exquisite seafood and fish variety, the flavour of ripe grape in September and the delicious "filloas" - pancakes specially made for Carnival - make of any season of the year the propitious time to visit this area.

Check it by yourself and follow us: We will take you on a tour full of emotions in which you will discover the places to visit and things to see.

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